Change Isn't Always Comfortable

A strong agency partner makes it doable.

Every sale requires
a change of heart.

Muse is a brand and content marketing agency specializing in communication strategies that spark intention, shift mindset and instill loyalty to drive revenue growth. We commonly work in the food, wellness and learning industries, inspiring people to embrace a new behavior, habit, career or lifestyle.

How to Work With Us.

Proven Process

What makes us different.

We focus on Change Communication.

Our Change Stage Framework is based on principals of behavior change that move your customers from interest to action...and keep them coming back for more.

We know your customer’s mindset.

Because we specialize in food, wellness and learning, we understand the nuances of their decision-making process when it comes to their own health and personal growth.

We build strong

Effective marketing starts with a strong brand narrative and identity. That’s why we start most client engagements with positioning and visuals.

Our Leaders.

Jackie Bebenroth
Jackie Bebenroth : Principal & Brand Advisor

Jackie believes in the power of the pen. She leads strategic messaging sessions with business executives to set the course for powerful positioning. Her work, ranging from local restaurant branding to six-figure global initiatives, has flown her around the country to speak on content marketing. She’s picked up a few accolades along the way, most notably a SXSW Interactive finalist award and Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Leader of the Year.

Kristen Po korny
Kristen Pokorny : Creative Director

Kristen moved back to Northeast Ohio after living in Chicago for 13 years. Her experience encompasses a range of skill sets including creating within existing guidelines to building ideas from the ground up. She's worked on both worldwide and Mom & Pop businesses; no brand is too big or small. She’s well versed in the entire creative process, from sketch phase to final production. She works best under pressure with a can-do attitude and a keen eye for typography and lettering.

Lauren Konst
Lauren Konst : Account Manager

Lauren is a Clevelander by choice, not by birth. With a background in integrated marketing communications, advertising strategy and event management, she effortlessly pitches grassroot marketing ideas and creative solutions to solve business challenges. Her top priority is to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Megan Factor
Megan Factor : Content Manager

Megan is a Northeast Ohio native and passionate creator, both professionally and personally. She developed her content marketing skills working in a wide range of industries and pulls inspiration from her diverse experiences. Her keen eye for design, penchant for writing, and love of good storytelling work together to create meaningful content that provides value to clients.

Annie De Perro
Annie DePerro : Agency Coordinator

Annie enthusiastically embraces change – for herself and clients. As a certified health coach of ten years, her background is focused on helping people make physical and transformational changes. She gracefully pivots to accommodate the shifting needs of both clients and colleagues with keen attention to detail and creativity. Annie plays a key role in implementing new concepts and ideas to keep the agency running efficiently.

Rachael Cathey : Account Executive

Rachael is a catalyst for change and a client shepherd. She channels her experience from various industries and markets to guide our clients to the next level of goal achievement. Rachael thrives in environments where she can pair innovative thinking with tactical executions. She is creative by nature, has a passion for strategy and will never let a curious thought go unnoticed.

Inspiring Positive Change in the Human Experience.

We work with visionary leaders who are passionate about fueling the evolution in the industries
they serve. Our clients understand that sustained change requires ongoing investment.
As such, our minimum client engagement is $25,000 with an average annual commitment of $100,000+.

Our business acumen is weighted in food, wellness and learning, but we occasionally
take engagements in other categories that have the power to make a difference.