We change the way people
think about what they eat.

Our founder may live on a sustainable farm just south of the city, but it's our clients who have opened our eyes to the nuances across the food system. We've launched restaurants, branded major food associations, and fueled the farm-to-school movement. We've even traveled to Columbia to see, firsthand, how coffee is grown. Along this immersive journey, our food business acumen has supported clients working at the forefront of systematic change. Our experience in food branding and marketing is transforming the food system one client at a time.


  • National media coverage on CBS Sunday morning and Wall Street Journal front page
  • Business expansion to two thriving sister brands
  • Statewide franchise of a local initiative
  • Dramatic increases in local food sourcing
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Muse keeps us laser-focused on our strategy. They've positioned our agency for the future and have completely changed my perspective on how we approach programming in other areas.

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