The Muse Studio

Create your best work here.

A rental space of your own
to get more done.

The Muse Studio is your solution for noisy, crowded work and studio spaces. Our spacious, well-lit studio is perfect for photography, videography, podcast production, or simply working in a quiet space.

Schedule your next virtual job interview or web conference with confidence, knowing you won’t be distracted by a loud environment. The Muse Studio is conveniently located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio with free, on-site parking.

Muse Studio

You’ll love the Muse Studio for:


Take beautiful headshots, product shots, shoot interviews, stock video, and marketing assets


Record the latest episode of your podcast at our soundproofed workstation


Look and sound your best. Our quiet, well-lit space gives you the confidence to succeed


Create social media and marketing content that will wow your audience. Record parts of your online course, Reels, YouTube videos, TikToks, and more


FAQs & Details

  • How many people can I bring to the studio?

    We have a limit of 8 people total per studio rental time.

  • Who rents the Muse Studio?

    Anyone who needs a quiet, well-equipped studio! We welcome photographers &
    videographers, podcasters, content creators, freelancers, and online course creators.
    Our studio space is ideal to take product photos and videos or build course content
    with a clean, professional backdrop.

  • How much does a rental cost?

    Half-day rentals start at $350 and a full-day starts at $700.
    Half-day rentals are for 4 hours and scheduling is flexible between 8am and 6pm.
    Full-day rentals are for 8 hours and scheduling is flexible between 8am to 6pm.
    Email kristen(at) for accurate pricing and availability.

  • Can I use your WIFI?

    Absolutely. We provide free WIFI access for all studio rentals.

  • Are there bathrooms?

    Yes! We have a dedicated studio bathroom for your use.

  • How big is the studio?

    The Muse studio is 160 square feet with 12ft. ceilings.

  • Are there places for myself and my guests to sit?

    Yes! We have a spacious, light-filled area by the studio with soft seating.
    A working table and chairs are also available inside the studio.

  • What equipment is available for me to use?

    The studio comes equipped with three light sources, white and black backdrops,
    optional table with chairs. Background noise won’t find its way into your content
    thanks to our soundproofed walls. There are also plenty of outlets to plug in all your devices.

  • Where is the studio, can I park there, and how do I get in?

    Our studio space is located in downtown Cleveland at 1900 Superior Avenue.
    We provide free visitor parking for you and up to 7 other guests. Parking and
    building access details will be shared upon booking.

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