Functional Medicine Patient Perception Report

Attract new patients.
Enrich patient relationships.
Grow your practice.
Enhance your functional medicine marketing.

The Functional Medicine Patient Perception Report
informs next-level practice growth.

We surveyed patients across the country to learn what they want from their functional medicine providers. The results might surprise you!

This report shows that the right communication techniques, delivered at the right times are imperative for patient satisfaction, increased referrals and, ultimately, sustained commitment to the practice.

In the report, you'll uncover:

  • Words and phrases prospective patients use to research functional medicine practices
  • Top three considerations for choosing a functional medicine practice
  • The #1 communication technique that will improve patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Wellness-related products and services patients are most likely to purchase after treatment
Functional Medicine Patient Perception Report
Gain Marketing Title
  • Gain functional medicine marketing insights you can activate today to acquire new patients and grow your practice.

  • Discover essential communication techniques proven to increase patient satisfaction and commitment.

  • Learn what products and services patients want to buy after treatment so you can make informed decisions about new offerings that increase patient lifetime value.


Clear, confident communication is essential
for enhanced functional medicine marketing and sustained patient results. Here’s why.

You already know that wellness is a journey, not a one-time event. Satisfied patients will stay with
your practice long term, but only if you educate them at key steps along the way.

In this report, we share how top functional medicine practitioners leverage
best-practice communication and functional medicine marketing techniques to draw new patients in,
then instill the trust and confidence that sustains the relationship well beyond a positive outcome.


Table of Contents

  • Key Takeaways

    High-level actions that top functional medicine practitioners employ for success.

  • Survey Methodology

    Who conducted this survey and how respondents were qualified.

  • Patient Attraction

    Motivations that drive patients to use functional medicine and considerations for choosing the right practice.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    A deep dive into the impact that patient satisfaction has on long-term retention and referrals.

  • Patient Attitudes

    How patients feel about wellness, including the most common patient wellness goals, barriers to achievement and willingness to commit time & money to wellness.


Take Action Now For Long-Term
Patient Satisfaction and Increased Revenue.

Inside this report, you’ll gain:

  • Actionable takeaways >

    that you’ll refer to frequently when making marketing and service decisions for your functional medicine practice.

  • Patient communication tactics >

    you and your team can begin to use right away.

  • Clear understanding >

    of patient wellness goals and attitudes.

  • Inspiration for additional revenue opportunities >

    that support patients after initial treatment.

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