Thumb-stopping graphics
at lightning speed.

Save tons of time, engage more followers and
increase brand recognition with Canva templates.

Work smarter, not harder with Canva social media templates that help you craft a beautiful, branded social feed.

If you’ve ever used Canva or other online design tools, you know all the choices can be overwhelming. Our free Canva social media templates and paid Canva Package both help take some of the guesswork off your plate.


Read on to learn more about our two Canva template offerings.

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  • Save time and money without using costly design software like Photoshop

  • Reinforce your brand colors and typefaces to establish a stand-apart, cohesive social presence

  • Generate new ideas for topics and engagements

  • Collaborate with up to five members of your team in real time

  • Design, edit, plan, AND post your content in one place


Praise for Muse Custom Canva Packages

"This has helped my team create a
beautiful Instagram feed, finally!"

Dr. Tenesha Wards Founder
Infinity Wellness Center

What’s Canva?

Canva is your social media and graphic design assistant. It’s a web-based design tool that anyone can use to create, schedule and publish stunning social media posts in minutes. With a free account or Canva Pro subscription, you can access stock photos and videos and free fonts that make it easier and more affordable to use than paid design software.

The Canva Pro subscription cost is $9.95/month billed yearly or $12.95/month billed monthly.

How Does a Muse Custom Canva Package Work?

You create a Canva Pro account, we do the rest. We work with you to figure out what type of content layouts you’ll benefit from, then access your account to build out custom, editable templates that are guides for future use. We’ll also add your brand colors, typefaces and logo.

To create a cohesive suite of templates, we require you to provide us with your brand logo, colors, and fonts. No brand logo? No problem! We’re happy to help you establish your brand voice and look with a branding services engagement.

Before we send you off to create beautiful content, we’ll walk you and your team through your new Canva templates with a 1-hour training session and Canva Pro guide.

The Results Are In

and they speak for themselves.

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Create thumb-stopping graphics at lightning speed, saving hours of time and money.