Free Marketing Strategy Playbook

Say goodbye to scattered marketing efforts that lack clarity and cohesion.

This free marketing playbook will set your team on the path to a high-performance plan.

If you know your marketing strategy could be stronger, but aren’t sure where to begin, this is the right place. Rally your team to form a strategic and effective marketing plan, starting with our free Marketing Strategy Playbook. 

Gain the direction you need to overcome indecision and harness untapped potential in your marketing department. Use this free marketing strategy playbook to: 

  • Facilitate a productive planning session with your marketing and executive teams. 
  • Establish where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.  
  • Plan how you want to reach people throughout the customer journey. 
  • Identify who your audiences are and how your marketing supports their needs. 
  • Spark fresh ideas and perspectives that lead to insightful actions. 

The free marketing strategy playbook has been designed and used by Muse brand strategists and account planners to define goals and craft strategic marketing plans for dozens of brands. It’s helped our team; now, we hope it will help yours too.   

Once you review, discuss and complete the worksheets, you’ll have a set of guiding principles you’ll use to make strategic marketing decisions and harness the untapped potential of your marketing efforts.  

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Understand how to spend your time and effort in ways that pay off.

Work through your marketing strategy playbook to frame your marketing strategy – plus, gain efficiencies along the way!

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Your next step: A custom annual marketing plan

The world of marketing moves fast. It's crucial to have a solid foundation to make decisions from and a unified team that understands your objectives.

Once you’ve worked through your free marketing strategy playbook lean on Muse marketing strategists to take your plans even further.

A custom marketing playbook is your annual marketing plan full of just the right tactics and a process to activate them. It's also a go-to reference guide for executing your brand activities with consistency. 

A Muse custom marketing playbook helps your team leverage the power of a shared vision and stop wasting valuable resources. Connect with our team here if you’re interested in a custom marketing playbook.  

Five questions a Muse custom marketing playbook will help you answer:

  • Budget

    What is my marketing budget and how should I allocate it?

  • Activities

    What tactics will support my business and sales objectives in the short term? 

  • Areas of Focus

    How can I balance brand awareness with short-term sales wins? 

  • Operational Efficiency

    Where can I achieve efficiency in my investment and my team's efforts?

  • Consistency

    How can I establish accountability amongst my team?

When you’re ready to execute or would like a second opinion on your marketing strategy, the Muse team can work with you to develop a custom marketing playbook. Contact us here.