Change Agent Interview Series: Episode 1 | Chef Ben Bebenroth

Muse founder and change marketer Jackie Bebenroth interviews Chef Ben Bebenroth, founder of Spice Field Kitchen, about how he enacts lasting change through local food education programming.

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Within the Change stage Framework™, Spice Field Kitchen focuses on the stages of Unaware to Interested with their work. This is the most challenging stage to make an impact and requires extra thought, intention and impact to move the needle.

Change Stage Framework Chart

Typically, people move from Unaware to Interested when they have a trigger event such as a health issue. In this case, Spice Field Kitchen gets people out of their classroom environments to give them memorable experiences that spark interest and change surrounding local foods.

Spice Field Kitchen accomplishes this with

  • Enthusiasm: Information is presented by people who are passionate about the topic and fun to listen to.
  • Multi-sensory Experience: The learning happens through touch, taste, feel, scent to make a more powerful impression.
  • Intentional Trust Building: The Spice Field Kitchen staff understands that they are perceived as “outsiders” who do not belong in the community. They work to meet people where they are culturally.
  • Small Wins: They don’t expect people to move from Unaware to Action without smaller cycles of experimentation over a long period of time. They also understand that there are realities and obstacles to fitting this change in an existing environment. They don’t expect a kid to go shop at the farmers’ market if they don’t have access, knowledge or equipment to the foods.

The leadership at Spice Field Kitchen understands that their work can be impactful, but also has realistic expectations for how fast (or slow) this transformation can occur. Ultimately, one field trip about kale may not lead to daily salad consumption but might open the door for healthier food choices as an adult and a parent.

Watch Change Agent Interview Series: Episode 1 below.

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