Use a Google Business Profile to Create More Visibility for Your Wellness Brand

Discover how a Google Business Profile can expand your digital presence and give your wellness brand a competitive advantage.

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Elevate Your Wellness Brand a Google Business Profile: A Strategic Guide 

Your brand’s growth potential and wellness marketing success hinge on being seen – especially online. Consider these stats*:

  • 97% of Google users search online first to find nearby businesses.
  • 70% of consumers visit a business because of information they first found online
  • 62% of consumers will dismiss a business if they cannot find them online.

Establishing an online presence is not just an option for wellness brands—it's a necessity. As more people turn to the internet to find health and wellness services, your digital footprint can significantly influence your brand's visibility and customer base. 

A screenshot of the Google Business Profile back end.

In this article, we’ll explore: 

  • the role of GBP in your wellness marketing strategy
  • how to optimize your brand’s GBP
  • how to measure success and iterate GBP strategies

Let’s explore how wellness brands can effectively leverage GBP to enhance visibility and attract new customers.  

First, Understand the Role of Google Business Profile in Wellness Marketing Strategy

Your wellness brand’s GBP is a cornerstone of local SEO and online presence, pivotal in the "Interested" stage of the customer journey. As potential clients research their health concerns and explore solutions, your GBP acts as a digital storefront, often serving as their first meaningful interaction with your brand. This critical touchpoint allows you to present your wellness offerings in a compelling way, influencing customer perceptions and purchase decisions from the outset. 

Understanding your audience is paramount in content marketing. For wellness brands, this means diving deep into their ideal customers' psyches. Are they busy professionals who seek stress-relief techniques? Health-conscious millennials looking for organic supplements? Or perhaps they're middle-aged individuals who are interested in holistic approaches to chronic conditions? Your GBP should be tailored to resonate with these specific personas and address their unique health concerns, values, and lifestyles. Consider how your brand archetype plays into understanding your audience. We cover brand archetypes in relation to wellness branding imagery selection here. 

Brand Archetypes

12 round brand archetype icons in various colors like yellow, blue, dark blue, and purple.

During the "Interested" stage of the Change Stage Framework, potential clients actively research, compare options and form opinions. Your GBP is a powerful tool here, offering snapshots of your services, patient testimonials and even blog post snippets that showcase your expertise. For instance, a yoga studio might feature a client's journey from chronic back pain to improved mobility, while a nutritionist could share quick, actionable diet tips that reflect their approach. 

The Change Stage Framework chart

Moreover, GBP's interconnectedness with other digital marketing channels amplifies its impact on your overall brand reputation. When a potential client discovers your wellness brand on Google, they're likely to check your social media for community engagement, visit your website for in-depth information and read reviews for social proof. A cohesive message across these platforms builds credibility, starting with your GBP. If your GBP highlights personalized care, for example, ensure your Facebook page features patient stories echoing this theme and your website offers free, personalized health assessments. 

We've worked with wellness brand marketing teams to develop Google Business Profile action plans that ladder up to their marketing strategy. Here are a few steps we recommend to ensure your GBP is in line with your marketing plan: 

  • Define Personas: If you haven’t already, create two or three detailed customer or patient personas, including demographics, health concerns and online behavior. 
  • Align GBP Content: Tailor your GBP's services, posts and images to address each persona's needs. 
  • Strategize for the "Interested" Stage: Share content that aids research—FAQs, comparison guides or "Day in the Life" features. 
  • Cross-Platform Consistency: Ensure your brand message on GBP aligns with your website, social media and other channels. 
  • Use GBP Insights: Monitor which posts or services generate the most interest to refine your strategy. 

Your GBP can be a strategic tool in your overall marketing strategy and customer journey, particularly in the crucial "Interested" stage. It’s especially powerful when you align it with a deep understanding of your audience. Leverage these so your wellness brand can establish trust, demonstrate expertise, and smoothly guide potential customers or patients from interest to action. 

Next, Optimize Your Google Business Profile for Wellness Marketing

To fully harness the power of GBP, it's crucial to ensure your profile is accurate, up-to-date and optimized. Here are some key tactics:

  • Keep Your Information Accurate: Ensure your business name, address, phone number and other essential details are current. 
  • Incorporate Relevant Keywords: Use keywords related to the wellness industry to improve your search visibility. 
  • Craft a Compelling Business Description: Clearly communicate what sets your brand apart. 
  • Showcase Your Offerings: Present your services or products using high-quality images and videos. Learn how to select impactful wellness brand imagery here! 
  • Promote Positive Reviews: Encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences. Digitally, provide a GBP link to customers. For print, use a GBP QR code. 
  • Engage with Your Audience: Utilize the Q&A section to answer potential customer queries and respond to reviews promptly to build trust. 

Need help with your GBP? You can elevate your GBP performance by partnering with a wellness marketing agency like Muse. From GBP audits to tailored optimizations, an agency offers expertise and an objective perspective to maximize your search presence that complements your overall marketing strategy. 

Then, Measure Success and Iterating Strategies

Measuring the success of your GBP involves tracking key metrics such as views, clicks, and customer actions.  

Start by accessing the "Performance" section in your GBP dashboard to review data on how often your profile appears in search results and on Google Maps. Pay attention to specific actions like: 

  • Website visits 
  • Direction requests 
  • Phone calls 
  • Messages 

These indicate direct engagement from potential customers! 

A screenshot of a Google Business Profile back end.

Review and compare these metrics regularly over different periods to identify trends and patterns. Use this data to refine your marketing strategies by focusing on what drives the most engagement. For example, if certain types of posts or promotions lead to increased customer actions, consider replicating those efforts.  

Continuously monitor your profile's performance, respond to customer reviews, and update your business information as needed. This ongoing optimization helps you stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing consumer behaviors, ensuring that your GBP remains an effective tool for attracting and engaging customers. 

Finally, Be Seen. Establish Your Google Business Profile for Major Growth Potential.

GBP is an invaluable asset for wellness brands seeking to enhance their digital visibility and attract more leads. By prioritizing GBP optimization and integrating it into a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, wellness brands can reach and engage their target audiences more effectively.  

If you're ready to take your wellness brand to the next level, connect with our team. Together, we can craft a personalized strategy that aligns with your brand's unique value proposition and drives meaningful results.


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