How to Build a Strong Marketing Plan in 4 Steps

Learn which trends will drive your marketing success in 2023 with insight from our content marketing strategy team.

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Have you created your marketing plan for next year yet? If not, you should.

Your annual marketing plan is like a roadmap that guides the direction of your team’s goals, campaigns and growth. Without one, things can get messy – and no one wants to deal with that.

Our Founder and CEO, Jackie Bebenroth, shares the four essential steps to creating an effective marketing plan below.

Here’s a quick recap of the four steps:


  1. Develop your budget – Check out this budgetary guideline from the Small Business Administration…and our advice.
  2. Breakdown your budget – Bucket your funds in these three main categories to start.
  3. Create quarterly plans – Theme your quarter and build around it for maximum impact.
  4. Build your metrics framework – Measure success with metrics aligned with your goals.Need help with your annual marketing plan? Give us a call.

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