Ready for a new brand? Let’s talk. A brand refresh can take many directions.

We’ll guide you to the best approach for your vision, position and budget. 

Muse Brand Strategy Services

Look at your brand through a new lens.

Brand Positioning & Narrative

Is your brand having an identity crisis? This essential work clarifies what you do, how you do it and what you stand for.

Let’s uncover your brand’s true value proposition and orient it to what your customers actually care about. Learn more about the clarity and confidence that brand positioning can unlock.


Name your kids, but leave your business, product and service names to the professionals. It’s almost guaranteed that the new name you have in mind is already trademarked!

Let’s explore all options and we’ll put them to the test with a thorough vetting process that gets you to the one name you’ll love.

Logo Refresh

Visual identity is an expression of brand quality and style. But updating a logo can be expensive and time-consuming.

Before we dive into a complete overhaul, we’ll audit your visual landscape to identify opportunities to modernize for relevance. If a new logo is required, we can do that, too.

Brand Experience Strategy

Your brand starts with a name, logo and narrative but comes to life through the experiences of your team and customers.

A Brand Experience Plan arms you with fresh ideas to live your brand values through actions, events and campaigns. 

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