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Why Hire a Brand Agency…and How to Make the Most of It

See which business experiences mean that it’s worthwhile to hire a brand agency, what to look for as you vet agencies and how to make the most of your engagement.

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A header graphic that illustrates the reasons a business should engage a brand strategy agency
Why Hire a Brand Agency…and How to Make the Most of It

Why choose a brand agency to support change? If you're reading this article, you may have recently experienced or considered one or more of the

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A mockup of a brand positioning engagement and results
Brand Positioning That Creates Confidence & Clarity for Your Brand

Uncover Who You Are to Overcome Core Brand Challenges  Picture this: your brand has grown in size and scope, and the definition of your business

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Is It Time to Change Your Brand & Brand Strategy? Jackie on the Business Strategy Podcast

What Does Your Brand Truly Represent Beyond a Logo and Tagline? On the Business Strategy podcast, Jackie Bebenroth and Steve Coughran talk about the crucial

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How a Messaging Toolkit Enhances Marketing Efficiency for Food Brands

A Food Marketing Agency Helps Your Team Work Smarter, Not Harder If you've ever wished you had more hours in the day to tackle your

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A balanced stack of stones sit on a pebble beach on front of water in the sun
Three Ways a Health and Wellness Marketing Agency Increases Your Revenue
By: Megan Factor

How the Right Branding & Marketing Agency Can Help You Find Profitable Clients As a business owner or marketing decision maker, it's hard to ignore

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We’re Hiring: Be Our Content Developer

You're the master of your content universe, drawing from years of social, blog and newsletter projects to snap together highly creative and compelling communications for

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Brand Positioning: The Benefits of Productive Distancing

Step Back to See the Big Picture of Your Brand Productive distancing is a series of techniques that helps you read between the lines of

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Person on a cliff edge overlooking a river valley to showcase wellness personas and achievement
Modern Wellness Customer Personas: 2024
By: Jackie Bebenroth

Brands in the wellness industry have a unique challenge. In many cases, a customer behavior change is required to achieve the brand's promised results. This

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Podcast Feature: Jackie on The UnNoticed Entrepreneur – How to Build a Brand

Learn how to build a strong brand.  Muse founder & principal Jackie Bebenroth is featured on The UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast where she discusses how Muse

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Marketing for Wellness Brands: Learn How to Change Your Audience’s Mindset

How To Change A Mindset, Not Just How To Change A Mind  "When someone is investing money and time, that decision making process is a

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