Change in Politics | Change Agent Interview Series | Episode 3: Elizabeth Walters

Creating change in politics may feel like mission impossible. Chair Elizabeth Walters shares communication techniques we can all use.

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Chair Walters Interview: How to Create Meaningful Change in Politics with Communication

Here at Muse, we’ve never worked with clients in politics. But as every new election cycle rolls around, we become more and more fascinated by the communication techniques politicians deploy in an attempt to lock in another vote. Change in politics can seem fickle.

Technology, for better or for worse, has allowed our society to become more selective with the news we choose to consume.  Confirmation bias is real: We are more steadfast in our beliefs than ever. When we think about how this shows up in our lives - consider that oh-so opinionated relative at Thanksgiving dinner! - creating change in politics may seem like mission impossible.

Elizabeth Walters is no stranger to this challenge.

As Chair of the Ohio Demographic Party and President of Summit County Council, she knows exactly what it takes to move mountains in politics. She joins us here to share some key communication techniques that we can apply in our daily lives to change minds…and mindsets.

“Storytelling. There’s no more powerful tool to get people to come along with you.” ~Chair Elizabeth Walters

Chair Walters’ storytelling recipe for success:

Use three layers of storytelling to relate, build connections and share values.

  • Story of self. Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I doing this work?
  • Story of we. What are we capable of if we come together?
  • Story of now. What do we need to do today? What is everyone’s role?

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