Change doesn’t happen overnight. Even after an initial action or conversion, ongoing
touch points are necessary to sustain relationships and deepen impact. That’s why Muse
offers clients creative upsell offerings and ongoing communication strategies to build
customer lifetime value.


Customer Insight

Step beyond the shallow waters of satisfaction surveys and go deep into the nuances of where customers find value in your brand. Our online surveys and one-to-one interviews uncover the heart of why customers choose you – and what you can do to better address their needs - to inform future revenue concepts and marketing messages.

For functional marketing clients, we provide insights and tactics that help their practices grow with the Functional Medicine Patient Perception Report.

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Upsell Packages

Relevancy is key when coming back to your customers with exciting new offerings. We help you develop creative product and service packages that draw revenue from inside your customer database.


Ratings & Reviews Management

Are you listening to customers and responding in ways that transform them into raving fans? Our community managers operate as an extension of your brand to stay on top of review commentary with the goal of reinforcing trust and advocacy.


Customer Retention Strategies & Programs

From subscription models to loyalty punch cards, Muse retention specialists will devise the right-fit program to maintain loyalty among your customer base.

Introducing Our

Patient Growth Program

  • A proven 3-month program for cash-based health and wellness practices that generates new revenue among current patients.

  • Reconnect with lost patients with timely, impactful o fferings that generally blend in-person appointments with supplements, wellbeing products and added-value content.

  • For best ROI, practices must have an established database of at least 500 patients