Infinity Wellness Center

Restoring brand authority & new patient growth

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The Challenge

Infinity Wellness Center, an Austin-based functional medicine practice that’s heralded for identifying and healing the root causes of ailments needed a marketing cleanse of their own. With an aging agency relationship and plateaued patient growth, the practice sought a revitalized website and digital advertising strategy that actually delivered a solid return on investment.

Functional medicine faces distinct marketing challenges. Not only does it require patients to invest time and money, but also a significant change in behavior. Additionally, the marketplace is oversaturated with practitioners promising cure-all treatments. Audiences are flooded with content that makes engagement more elusive. This causes discerning patients to peruse two or three practices before a final decision is made. Infinity Wellness had no problem attracting prospects to their website, yet the bounce rate soared and expensive Google ads lacked solid conversion rates.


Having worked in the business of wellbeing, the Muse team understood that the prospect journey was more complicated than click-to-buy. We aligned our strategy with the Transtheoretical Model of Change to help our client reduce waste from her marketing spend.

Our ultimate prescription? A website with more substance than clickbait. We named and refined a proprietary process to give patients a sense for the journey, and we evolved the digital marketing strategy to target the most common symptoms and conditions. Refined website messaging positioned Infinity Wellness doctors as subject matter experts to build credibility for their unique process and, ultimately, the Infinity Wellness brand.


A revitalization of the overwhelming website was the top priority. We implemented a new SEO strategy with persuasive headlines and copy that targeted commonly searched conditions.

Our messaging experts also coined “The Infinity Way,” the brand’s trademarked process to uncover root causes of patient issues and develop personalized support programs. We coupled this with a patient process graphic to visualize the unique approach.

Finally, we optimized their media buy spend to eliminate wasted dollars. We dialed into keywords focused on the practice’s most commonly treated symptoms, not general wellness terms. Once on the site, visitors encountered frequent calls to action for more focused, meaningful results.

With insights gained from our Functional Medicine Patient Perception Report, we helped their team create valuable patient experiences. The report also informed our keyword choices for web copy and media buy spend.





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