Tangent Company

Reimagining recycled water

SERVICES: Brand Positioning / Product Naming / Content Strategy / Website Development / Video Development / Sales Support / State Lobbying Materials / Public Relations / Environmental Design

The Challenge

After inventing the world's first residential water recycling device, the Tangent Company required a visual style that matched their innovative spirit. But, as with any complex, game-changing invention, they also needed to overcome skeptics and naysayers by using powerful messaging. They tapped Muse to help them create an ambitious, forward-looking brand strategy.


Together with the leadership team, we envisioned a future where residential water recycling was the new norm. With this in mind, we defined a new product category for the invention, calling it "watercycle," and created a strong narrative to help internal stakeholders communicate the product story with clarity and purpose to investors, legislators and future customers.


Armed with a brand identity and messaging foundation, Tangent was positioned to lobby for water change at the state level. They helped pass State Bill 179, making water recycling legal in Ohio while also creating a precedent for other states to follow suit.

Following the legislation, the world's first watercycle piloted at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy. Visitors from across the globe marveled at the impactful water recycling stories and stats throughout the space, adding further visibility and credibility to the Tangent brand story.



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