How to Use Content to Drive a Killer Customer Experience

Win more customers through content-driven selling

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You’ve got a product. Surely, everyone wants to hear all about how it works, the nuts and bolts of the features, and how they can buy today.

Here’s the truth: People don’t care about your product features; they care about what’s in it for them. In my recent blog about omni-channel marketing, I spoke about the buyer journey, and the importance of meeting your customer with solutions to their problems at the right place and time.

Now, I’m going to tell you how you can deliver smart content at critical stages to win more sales and customer loyalty.

Show your customer you get it

So, you’re introducing new consumers to your brand and you want to educate them about your products. Here’s how Dropps caught my attention and got the job done.

I saw their ad in my Instagram feed and was draw in by their ecofriendly messaging. I went to their website and was further impressed by just how far they were going to solve my day-to-day challenges – in this case, living with a household of stinky boys with crazy dirty clothes.

content driven selling

What’s the result here? I’ve identified an environmentally-friendly alternative from a brand that aligns with my value system. And, they’re going to help me learn more ways to be a good manager of my home. That’s a lot of value out of laundry detergent. Sign me up.

Guide customers to the right option

So, your buyer has figured out what they need from a big picture, and they like your brand. But, they’re still wondering: Which one do I buy?

Here’s one of my favorite examples of a brand flawlessly using content to drive home the sale: Third Love’s Find Your Fit quiz.

What’s so great about this? It’s about me. It’s fast. In fact, I’m a minute away from finding the right bra. And it’s convenient. I don’t have to be manhandled by some sales associate at a crowded mall. It’s perfect.

content driven selling

The result: I’ve learned more about how to find the right bra for me and I’ve got options that I can put in my cart to buy.

Guess what? Most buyers still need more prodding and content can help get the job done.

Give Your Customers Proof

Your buyers want to be sure they’re making a good choice. That’s particularly true with online shopping. How many times do customers fill up carts and abandon them? It’s happened thousands of times while you were reading this article.

It happens because the buyer is apprehensive. They’re not convinced expectations will be met. They’re asking: Will those shoes that look awesome online turn out to be blah when I open the box?

I’ve never had the experience with Modcloth. One of the reasons is they do a great job showing people how their clothes look on different size models – and real people enjoying the product. They rely on user generated content, shown on various product pages, to seal the deal.

content driven selling

Another great example is Allbirds. They show me what their shoes look like on real human feet – not just in still imagery of the product or models posing – but in video. Again, content wins the sale, and not a detailed explanation of why their wool runners are great – it’s a visual of the product in motion that makes me pull the trigger and buy.

content driven selling

What’s the lesson?

To inspire your customers to purchase, build content that shows them how you solve their problems. Surround your brand and products or services with content and tell a stronger, more compelling story. One that your audiences are more likely to buy into than a feature list.

You’ve got the product or service, but you need help understanding how to build the right content to connect with your customers: Let’s talk.

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