Is It Time to Change Your Brand & Brand Strategy? Jackie on the Business Strategy Podcast

Delve into the significance of connecting with audiences on a deeper level through an updated brand strategy.

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What Does Your Brand Truly Represent Beyond a Logo and Tagline?

On the Business Strategy podcast, Jackie Bebenroth and Steve Coughran talk about the crucial moments leaders face when they decide to evolve their brand and brand strategy, addressing the challenge of justifying investments in brand building that may not immediately translate to ROI. Jackie shares her expert insights on recognizing the telltale signs indicating that a brand evolution is not just beneficial, but necessary within an organization. Read on or listen below for a comprehensive look at the strategic considerations behind brand transformation, providing valuable guidance for leaders contemplating this pivotal shift.

How to Build a
Powerful Brand

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Highlights from this episode:

  • A brand is the perception that your company holds in the mind of your consumer.  So it's their first impression, it's what they think of when they think of your name.
  • I believe that a visual identity is like the clothing on a mannequin. Without the proper positioning and the proper voice and the proper messaging, your brand has no life.
  • Your visual identity is reflective of the quality of your business, someone will have that perception, just as you said. So you want to make sure that it's done professionally. It's well balanced. It's legible. It has all the fundamentals taken care of and it's clean.
  • AI lacks emotion right now. And really, your branding is about emotion, like the emotion that you are imparting on someone and you're not going to get that from AI. What you will get is a very efficient way of gathering information for you to edit in the way that is meaningful to you and to your audiences.
  • You never want to change your brand when you're in a downturn, always on an upswing.

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