Three Ways a Health and Wellness Marketing Agency Increases Your Revenue

Lean on a health and wellness marketing agency for deeper customer understanding, a relevant brand and consistent audience communications.

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How the Right Branding & Marketing Agency Can Help You Find Profitable Clients

As a business owner or marketing decision maker, it’s hard to ignore the 80/20 rule – where 20% of your customers deliver 80% of your revenue. Yet it’s also hard to answer those nagging questions that pop up behind the scenes. Things like: Who are those 20%? Can they become stronger and more profitable customers or clients? And…how can you build a network of new customers with a true affinity to your brand?

An illustration of 20% of customers making up for 80% of profitability.

For wellness businesses, this brand affinity can be especially challenging. If your products or services promise to improve a customer or client’s quality of life, you likely need them to commit to the process for a sustained period of time for those positive changes to happen. They need to trust you as much as they trust your products. Most all, they need to trust your brand.

That’s where a brand strategy and content marketing agency like Muse can help. When you align with an agency that understands the wellness landscape, they can help you refine your strategy for stronger customer or client connections. They uncover your “why” – the reason customers and clients want to work with you and stay with you. You can avoid overpromising while still showcasing what you offer in terms of innovative, premium products or services.

Here are three core ways that a health and wellness marketing agency like Muse supports wellness brands like yours. Read on to see how we uncover your “why” and help you gain more profitable clients.

1. Delve Deeper into Key Aspects of Your Core Wellness Customers

Every one of your customers or prospects is unique. However, they likely share some similarities that can help you better understand who they are. We call these similarities “personas.”  Personas are like communities within your customer base. Each of these communities has different needs, desires and pain points that drive purchase decisions. As a brand strategy agency, we know it’s crucial to understand and leverage these brand personas for your brand’s success.

For wellness brands, these personas can serve as a valuable road map to target customers who will maximize your profitability. Past client strategies and our own research helped us define four common wellness personas – Wellness Curious, Health Enthusiast, Relief Seeker and Meal Planners – within the wellness industry. We cover them in depth here.

Although we use these personas as a jumping off point, we create custom, detailed customer or client personas for our clients. A strong health and wellness marketing agency will help you rank personas based on profitability. Which group will be your “A” customers – the most loyal and profitable? Which group represents customers who can influence your business over time? We customize messaging strategies to speak to these personas in ways that captivate, convert and build long-term connections.

2. Craft a Brand That Speaks to Your Audiences

As you’ve likely experienced, customer or client trust can be challenging to win – and keep. This is usually because wellness products or services are often considerable investments that customers don’t make lightly. A brand that builds trust and resonates with your audience is the foundation for longevity and profitability.

A common misconception is that brands are only made up of a logo, product photography or a color palette. This is only half the story! Your wellness brand should be a fully defined entity with a mission, vision and core values. At Muse, we believe that the core of an impactful brand is brand positioning.

Brand positioning brings clarity to what you do, how you do it and why it matters. This foundational aspect of your brand is the catalyst through which you can create a distinct perception in the minds of your audience.

A brand strategy agency that has proven wellness industry experience helps you unleash the distinct value of your business through brand positioning. Here’s our proven process for brand positioning at Muse.

  1. Internal discovery: Research & analysis contribute to a brand position hypothesis
  2. External assessment: Industry evaluation results in a positioning statement, mission & vision
  3. Brand narrative: A platform for communication including core values, audience personas & messaging journeys
  4. Marketing expression: Delivered in a brand book that summarizes our engagement & external messaging samples

Clear Messaging Attracts More Profitable Clients

Connect with Muse to bring clarity to your brand.

3. Build Trust in All Audience Touchpoints

Every wellness brand has a story to tell – and usually this story is one of change and transformation. At Muse, we’ve seen first-hand the importance of transparency and truth in the storytelling process. In our interactions with wellness-seeking customers, we’ve learned that product and service promises must be genuine, clear and consistent. This level of clarity not only builds trust with customers, but also creates the intrigue and excitement that translates into long-term client relationships.

For one wellness client, we elevated the transparency of their program so patients understood what stage they were at and the expected outcomes. We branded their proven process with a trademarked name, sub-brand and supporting brand assets. This helped them communicate a complex process more clearly across all audience touchpoints. Better still, the process sub-brand rallied this client’s internal team more closely around a common cause.

Three stage journey for patients at a functional medicine pratice

You can learn more about our engagement with that client here.

As a health and wellness marketing agency, we explore what makes your wellness offering unique and the inherent benefits customers gain from it. Then we translate the story across key customer touchpoints, including case studies, newsletters, blog posts and social media.

Health and Wellness Marketing: Build Trust in Your Brand to Engage Profitable Customers

Your greatest potential for increased revenue comes from both the customers you already have and the prospective customers who share your values. At Muse, we know how to uncover compelling communication opportunities to build awareness and loyalty in both. Our signature brand positioning service and content marketing strategies help your brand instill new habits to inspire vibrant lives. Let us show you how. Connect with our brand positioning experts here.


Megan Factor is a Content Manager at Muse and a passionate creator, both professionally and personally. She developed her content marketing skills working in a wide range of industries and pulls inspiration from her diverse experiences. Her keen eye for design, penchant for writing, and love of good storytelling work together to create meaningful content that provides value to clients.

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