Mace® Brand

Ushering in the next chapter with cool confidence

SERVICES: Brand Positioning & Strategy / Logo Refresh / Package Design / Content Marketing / Website Design / E-Newsletter / Blog

The Challenge

Mace® Brand is the most recognizable name in the personal protection category. Despite strong awareness, the company's product-first sales approach brought short-term gains without substantial revenue increases. With new competitors entering the marketplace and outspending them at every turn, Mace® Brand needed a new brand strategy to usher them into the next chapter of growth. The Board of Directors named Muse the Agency of Record to reinvigorate the legacy.


Our team started with audience and category research to drive the new brand strategy. Instead of using scare tactics like their competitors or leading with product as they had in the past, we determined that Mace® Brand needed an emotion-driven message - one that reflected their audience's desire to feel empowered.


The new brand position, "We prepare you to protect yourself when it matters most," represents the Mace® Brand mission to bring security and peace of mind to apprehensive situations.

We expressed this new message through a refreshed brand logo - moving from red to blue - to evoke cool confidence.

The brand position was further demonstrated through the #MaceMoment campaign concept. The PSA-style campaign blends powerful brand photography and messaging to remind people to be mindful of their surroundings and share their own #MaceMoments with others, whether it's an empty parking garage at night or jogging on a quiet park trail.

We identified target lifestyle personas - outdoor enthusiasts, runners and young professionals - and put their needs at the center of the content marketing strategy. Leveraging new brand messaging and visuals, we updated their website and crafted new landing pages, e-newsletter templates and blog content that build stronger audience connections.

The new brand framework was then applied to product packaging and descriptions to complete the customer experience.



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