Trilipiderm Skin Care

Transforming a skin care line into a glowing lifestyle brand.

SERVICES: Brand Strategy & Consultation / Content Marketing / Paid Digital Strategy / Social Media Strategy & Development

The Challenge

Born in the dry climate of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Trilipiderm’s hydrating plant-based formulas encourage new cell growth and retain water to quench thirsty skin. Even with effective products, Trilipiderm’s marketing strategy needed a rejuvenation to forge a stronger connection with customers and gain market share.

The overly-crowded beauty industry doesn’t make success easy. Trends constantly change and new “miracle products” consistently appear on the market. This, in addition to skin care being an investment, consumers don’t adopt new skin care routines without consideration. They evaluate several options before the final purchase and need significant nurturing before making a commitment.


The Muse team’s prior wellness industry experience primed us to tackle Trilipiderm’s unique marketing challenges. It was unclear to the brand who made up their customer base and what their core characteristics were. That’s where we came in. We worked closely with brand leadership to define Trilipiderm’s ideal customer and streamline their messaging strategy based on current industry trends, insight and expertise.

A key tool that provided strategy insight and direction was our 5-stage Change Stage Framework. We focused on four stages – Unaware, Interested, Intentional and Actionable – to set up the foundation of the new messaging strategy. With specific messaging for each stage, customers could better understand the true benefits of the brand’s products and how they aligned with their lifestyles.


Once we established that a refreshed messaging strategy was the balm that the client needed for rejuvenation, we got to work. As our first priority, we defined the most common customer interests and landed on nature, travel, fitness and outdoor adventures.

With this in mind, we developed lifestyle product packages based on Trilipiderm customers’ love of adventure. These included:

  • The Glow Getter
  • The Overnighter
  • The Weekender
  • The Beach Lover

The goal of these product packages was to upsell product combinations based on customer behaviors instead of selling individual product features. This moved customers along the Change Stage Framework from the Actionable stage to Enduring, where customers turn into loyal advocates.

We also developed the brand’s paid digital strategy. The Muse team launched, managed and optimized paid ads to appeal to customers; once we captured their attention, we introduced informative content about Trilipiderm’s core values and benefits. Strategic email newsletters, social media content and a strong paid digital strategy worked together to reinforce the brand’s alignment with core consumer lifestyles.

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