Change Agent Interview Series | Episode 2: Elisa Au

Elisa Au, world karate champion and Senior Business Advisor, shares how changes she’s made as a professional athlete help her instill transformative change among the business owners she serves.

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Elisa Au is a retired world karate champion and in-demand consultant who advises Muse on business growth. Muse founder and CEO, Jackie Bebenroth, learns more about Elisa’s story and its impact on her approach to life and business.

Lessons learned from Elisa’s story:

Name the Destination: Set the goal and create the roadmap. When you run into a dead-end – often through lack of time or motivation – reprioritize and change course to achieve a series of small wins. This will keep you moving forward in the right direction.

Embrace Beginners Mindset: No matter how many years of mastery you may have under your belt, you must put aside your ego and approach progression from a beginner’s mindset to level up.

Stay in Step with Industry: You must have an awareness of industry changes and adapt accordingly, yet stay true to your core beliefs along the way.

Teach into Change: Barking orders at people may be expected from a high-performance karate coach, but it isn’t always the most effective. The most effective leaders should take the role of teacher - not authoritarian - to help people reach their full potential.

Trust Yourself: When making a change, especially with nutrition, tune in to your body to see how it feels. If it doesn’t align to the claims promised, it’s OK to move on to something different.

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