Podcast Feature: Jackie on Marketing & Mindset For Wellness Coaches

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Muse founder and CEO Jackie Bebenroth sits down with Dr. Kim Foster of Marketing & Mindset For Wellness Coaches to cover the captivating subject of change.

The buyers' journey for health & wellness is much different than a transactional product sell. In this podcast for Wellness Coaches, Jackie shares a nuanced approach to convincing prospects to spend money AND time AND effort...and ultimately convert to a journey of transformation.

Here are some things you’ll learn…

  • What's change marketing?
  • What's the difference between changing minds vs. changing mindsets
  • The language to use when clients need a mindset change
  • How to help your clients to overcome a fear of change
  • The evolving customer journey
  • The one marketing stage you DON’T to waste your money on
  • The stages of the Change Marketing framework, and what marketing activities make sense at each stage

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