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Wellness brands have unique challenges. Overcome them with our wellness brand marketing resources that are packed with insights and trusted tactics for 2022.

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Wellness brands know that long-term health solutions aren’t transactional – they’re transformational. Because of this, consumers must invest money AND time to achieve the results they want: additional obstacles that transactional brands don’t have.

Another challenge for wellness brands is that transformation requires ongoing touchpoints with current customers to help them sustain the important changes they make.

Those hurdles might seem impossible to overcome, especially in a saturated wellness market, but with the right strategy and content framework, your wellness brand can cut through the noise.

Throughout 2021, we continued to dig deep into the wellness brand marketing space to uncover customer motivations, habits and preferences. And, in the case of functional medicine marketing, patient perceptions and their impact on functional medicine practice performance.

Read on for our most effective wellness marketing articles and resources that will set you up for success in 2022.

This year, we surveyed functional medicine patients across the country to uncover their wellness goals, motivations, barriers to success and more. What we uncovered surprised us.

In our free Functional Medicine Patient Perception Report, we found that the right communication techniques delivered at the right times heavily impacted patient satisfaction...and, ultimately, patient longevity and referrals. Download the report to gain marketing insights you can activate today to acquire new patients and grow your practice in 2022.

You probably already know who your current or ideal customers are, but if you don’t understand them, your marketing efforts won’t be effective. To get inside your customers’ or patients’ minds, you should build a comprehensive knowledge base about their pain points, goals and media habits.

Increase the lifetime value of your customer or patient base with these communication techniques that you can use right now!

Part of understanding your customers or patients is to dig deep into their motivations. These are better understood when you put yourself in the shoes of different personas, each with different needs and goals.

Wellness audiences don’t fit into the traditional buyer journey. Instead, take clues from behavioral change models to develop powerful messaging that works. Discover how to pinpoint the different wellness motivations of today’s consumers.

Content marketing drives results for wellness brands because wellness is a journey, not a one-time destination. Customers or patients need to be sold on the long-term, positive changes that result from ongoing engagement and a supportive community.

Our top marketing channels for 2022 help wellness brands build lasting relationships and connections that extend beyond the wells of their businesses.

If you’ve already built your wellness brand’s content strategy, well done! Now, boost it with Google Ads. To attract qualified leads, educate them about your brand and stay top of mind, you must put in some work.

Luckily, a tried-and-true solution we use for our wellness marketing clients is deceptively simple. Learn how to increase your content's visibility and boost your brand's content strategy.

2022 Looks Bright

Consumers who seek wellness solutions will have no shortage of options in 2022. Make sure your wellness brand marketing efforts are seen by the audiences you want to impact. The wellness landscape can be tricky to navigate, but you don’t have to go it alone! Connect with a Muse wellness marketing expert to see how we can work together to elevate your messaging and content in 2022.

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Megan Factor is a Content Manager at Muse and a passionate creator, both professionally and personally. She developed her content marketing skills working in a wide range of industries and pulls inspiration from her diverse experiences. Her keen eye for design, penchant for writing, and love of good storytelling work together to create meaningful content that provides value to clients.

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