The Impact of AI on Marketing & Creative Fields

Is AI really coming for your job? Maybe, but not quite yet. Our content marketing experts dive into the ways you can use AI to save time and be more creative.

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How AI is Changing Marketing

2022 ended with plenty of chatter about how AI will change the creative field. According to recent headlines, copywriters, illustrators and other highly trained, creative-class workers may become obsolete. Is this myth or fact?

Well, it’s both. We see AI as a tool that supports our team to create even better work and find workflow efficiencies. This shift is an exceptional opportunity to level up our clients' content to become even more meaningful, honest and emotive.

Level Up with AI for Marketing

Our team explored AI in 2022 to better understand how bots can help us become savvier (vs. replace us) and we've had some interesting epiphanies along the way. Read on to learn from our experiences last year.

6 Things AI Can’t Do (Yet)

Learning how to use AI for marketing is a strong addition to your skillset; however, it doesn’t replace the nuance and creative thinking of a human brain. Even though we use AI to streamline content development, it has its limitations. Here are 6 things a bot can’t do:

  1. Craft a meaningful brand positioning & narrative. Unlike humans, AI lacks the ability to understand the nuances of storytelling and emotional connection needed for a successful brand narrative.
  2. Conduct a thoughtful review. Critical and thoughtful analysis aren’t abilities that consumer AI tools have (yet!) due to their lack of creative and interpretive skills.
  3. Document a case study. Successful, captivating case studies are built on understanding a brand’s unique history, culture and successes, skills that bots don’t have.
  4. Write an opinion piece. Informed opinions rely on understanding complex social and political themes, topics AI tools have limited understanding of.
  5. Create value-added content offers. Humans understand what’s attractive and useful to their fellow humans. AI can support in content development, but falls short on all the supporting tasks needed to create the content offer.
  6. Brainstorm brand-appropriate creative concepts. Only humans can think outside of the box in ways that support brand goals, tone and positioning.

Our favorite AI tools, Canva Docs and Jasper AI, support our team in many ways, but still require a human touch before projects are client ready.

5 Ways AI Can Help You Be a Better Content Marketer

Savvy marketers know when and where to find content marketing support. If your timeline, budget or workflow doesn’t allow for a writing outsource partner, an AI writing tool may be a strong solution. We streamline our content development process with AI because it can:

  1. Do research. AI quickly scans, processes and organizes data from multiple sources, making it a valuable tool for researching topics.
  2. Integrate keywords into existing content. We optimize our clients’ content for search with the help of AI.
  3. Create outlines. The outlining stage of content development takes time. We lean on AI for initial research to get this time back.
  4. Draft digital ads. AI tools can create engaging digital ads using data-driven insights that require minimal human editing.
  5. Develop lists (but not this one!). AI makes it easy and fast to create comprehensive lists.

More Ways Muse Has Changed for The Better In 2022

Last year saw changes beyond our adoption of AI tools. Read on for other ways the Muse team grew in 2022.

Canva Craze: Our team uses Canva for everything from decks to video edits! Clients love our professionally designed Canva social media templates to create scroll-stopping graphics across their platforms.

Team Growth: We welcomed new team members this year who bring value to the agency and make Muse a harmonious place to work. Learn more about our whole team here.

Reels Reels Reels: More video = more visibility. We invested more time in Instagram Reels to tap into the platform’s algorithm and place our content in front of more eyes.

New Framework: We said goodbye to a traditional buyers' journey in 2022 in favor of our Change Stage Framework - more to come on this in 2023!

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Megan Factor is a Content Manager at Muse and a passionate creator, both professionally and personally. She developed her content marketing skills working in a wide range of industries and pulls inspiration from her diverse experiences. Her keen eye for design, penchant for writing, and love of good storytelling work together to create meaningful content that provides value to clients.

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